2 Things Cardi B Taught Me

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It’s been 19 years since a solo female rap artist has done it. Number 1 on the charts! I remember when I bought The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It was the first cd I bumped inside of my brand new 98 Ford Explorer when I lived in Charlotte NC. I know I’m not the only who still bops their head harmonizing to “That Thing” and especially singing with some stank on it with “Ex Factor”! Who else started putting the vocabulary word “reciprocity” in heavy rotation in ALL the conversations? Chile she sang the struggle!! And let us not forget how dopalicious she looked in that all white pant suit with all that melanin glowing and locks flowing! Ma’am!

Fast forward to 2017. The sound has changed and so has the struggle. I love my old school hip hop and will til the day I leave this earth and y’all have a going away fish fry for me because funerals? Nope. But I digress. Time brings about change. Not as many women are focusing on relationships soooo whatever the other person did or did not reciprocate ain’t even an issue right now because we have businesses to run and checks to collect. Y’all know women of color are the largest and fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs, right? Oh ok.

With so many gatekeepers being obsolete in this tech savvy world, ANYBODY CAN GET IT! So we do! Coins, Boo Boo! Coins!

I know me personally I eat, sleep, and breathe my business life. I am determined to blow up “overnight”! (To be read as 8-10 yrs and I am at year 7) Along this path, I learn from current events or at least I try. There’s 2 things Cardi made me realize.

1. Be. Your. Damn. Self. Flaws and all. Now I know this ain’t new and I’ve always done my best to be transparent. I mean Okra Soup Truth IS the name of my blog. Duh. Okra is not all that appealing when you cut it but babbyyyy in a pot of soup, the flavor is the TRUTH! So uncomfortable truth is my favorite thing. She talked about fixing her teeth. She did it AFTER she was already in the spotlight. How many times have I wasted time trying to be perfect? Let that narcotic go! Perfection is an illusion, my dude! **raises eyebrow at my sudden Up Nawf accent** She loud as hell and is PROUD of her heritage! Now you KNOW I love that! Lmaooo!! AND she has a bomb sense of humor! I don’t know why people act so surprised when an attractive woman has jokes and personality! How is this confusing for you, Beloved? So many times people would try to tell me to “pull back” or “relax a little” when I would really get into a conversation or an event. You go listen to live music and not sing nor dance?? **fights the air** For why? I’m enjoying my damn self and you need to consider participating in some occasional joy. I shan’t be a part of the space and oxygen thievery. You are a disgrace!








2. Open your mouth and interrupt some foolishness! When she checked Peter Gunz on how he willingly had the mothers of his children looking crazy on national tv, she let him know! Nobody else addressed that! Now I know people sign up for stuff and this doesn’t excuse the mothers for the role they play in their own misery. Not at all. It is about sharing the accountability. It’s enough to go around. Being vocal is something I am still working on.

**pauses to look at you staring at me in disbelief**

Yes it is true. My throat chakra is in rehab. What I DO say ain’t half of what I COULD say. I know it comes from a combination of things but especially because my mama will inbox the hell outta me if I cuss too much then follow up with a call. That’s Mama. You respect Mama. **whispering** but I use emojis and stuff to cuss when she ain’t looking. The other part is that I spent 18+ years working for the public school system so I had to watch myself because I needed my direct deposit! But now, I clear my throat and say what da dealyo . That’s actually how I LEFT the profession. Saw some foolishness and got on the load speaker to address it. Ok maybe not the loud speaker but my exit was equally as dope. Just know I was watched on replay for weeks by the trifling faculty and staff who couldn’t believe what I had done. Anyway, my point is no matter who had something to say about her, she addressed it. Kind of like when you see some injustice and decide to take a knee, feel me? She did so in a way that continuously established her as a force to be reckoned with. Yeah I know that’s a preposition at the end of that sentence. Your president is whack. I’m excused. But this audacity is kind of like when you see some injustice and decide to take a knee when everyone else is standing, feel me? Cardi B owns all of her story. Her past. Her habits. Her mistakes and life lessons. I watched the video of her talking about getting to the number 1 spot and how she was comfy with letting people know what she didn’t know so they could help her know! I LOVE that! Be confident in your strengths so that your areas of improvement are not a source of shame. How da hell else are you supposed to learn? He admits her “weakness”. Even when Peter Gunz tried to throw that in her face she renewed her library card and check him AGAIN! Nah ninja…don’t deflect from da sitcheayshun at hand!

I can dig it. Yeah I know I’m more than twice her age but just like Lauryn sang it, she is rappin’ one of the new struggles. You look at me and point out everything you feel is not good enough. Yet while you are stuck on mediocrity and being vocal from the couch, I’m out here putting in work DAILY making mistakes and learning from them. Growing my business. Riding around with 75% of my life in the back of my van while I pound the pavement to get me and my son back under our own roof for the first time in damn near 6 years. I. Will. Not. Lose. I don’t wear Louboutins and wouldn’t even if I could afford them because nah, but my shoes are “bloody” from the miles I’ve put on them walking around from toxic situations, dishonest and selfish collabos, discouraging mindsets, and complacent behaviors.

I wanna know am the only 1 to admit I get hype when I hear @ImCardiB & #BodakYellow because I'm living the lyrics! Click To Tweet It gets me in the zone to do the hard stuff. There is no generation gap here. Art speaks across time. Do I agree with all the Cardi B’isms. Hellnawl lololol I just acknowledge what she has been able to accomplish with a down to earth disposition reppin for all us “regular degular shmegular” chicks out here and encouraging girls to go for it. I’ve always rocked like that. Just being who I be while working hard for what I want and leaving a trail for other women to get started and find their own way. We’ve always had to fight for what’s ours and fight to protect who we are. That has always been the struggle and we’ve always had an anthem. Remember when Queen Latifah had to let em know and said

Let your wack 45 know it’s a hoodie on purpose.

Yeah. I rock with that mindset. And I will continue to be like this…

Congratulations Cardi!

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  1. Love this! You may be the person to get me to listen to her music (no judgement zone!). These lessons and thoughts are everything. We’re all a work in progress and learning from others is a must as we travel the individual paths we’re on.

  2. #CardiForTheCulture I love her and the fact that she lives her truth. last time I checked on my accounts, it says i’m rich, i’m rich, i’m rich… celebrating our sister of colors – Boricua Baby!!!

  3. #ALLLLLTHATTRUTH …………..that Lauryn white was LIFE and I didn’t get Cardi at first, I had just been introduced to the Love and HIp Hop brand knee deep in the season(s) so it was all new and too much for my soul lol. But after seeing an interview I had mad respect for that young lady. I love her honesty and pure, “THIS THE FUCK WHO I AM” ‘tude. Before becoming a parent that was me, but something about a kid and THE REAL WORLD made me slow all the way down. But here I am 46 years in and I tell any and everyone, “I am too old to give a damn!” And to see the beauties of my ancestral DNA GET IT, DO IT, LIVE AND BE IT………….all the energy in my aura is ignited. This article is TRUTH, good words…good words. Anymore it’s about not A coin but #ALLLLLTHEMCOINS meant for me. In the words of Cardi B, “I put in work, now I’m here at the front line….Ready for the bullshit, I swear it’s on my bloodline” CONGRATS to the new #1 she earned it, deserved, hustled hard for it!!!!!

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