Serial entrepreneur, master educator, philanthropist, and motivational speaker, I’ve been Voted as a Woman with Solutions, Teacher of the Year, founder of Best Nonprofit in the Southeast among other accolades! BUT WHAT DOES THAT REALLY MATTER? Not much when all you want is someone to listen, understand, and say what you need to hear!

Born and raised in Charleston, SC, I have become affectionately known as Geechie Gurl, Your Holy City Hostess. The Gullah Geechee heritage is very rich with culture and traditions that forever link me to my ancestors. The accent captures the attention. The attitude keeps it. I like to consider myself insightful, witty, and transparent  but clearly a professional and impactful everywhere I travel.

My daily mission is to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood without losing myself as a woman. Sometimes just being able to sip on a tasty beverage with my favorite flip flops on is all I need to feel complete. I should be able to enjoy those luxuries without being harassed about it.

I have a way with words as some people say, but clearly they are being polite as my real friends give me the Okra Soup Truth and let me know I am getting thuggish in the mouth as I get older. I like to call it Linguistic Love. I tell you things because I care about ya.  What is Okra Soup Truth? If you have ever cut a fresh okra, you know there is a “slime” like consistency inside. Not very appealing to anyone who is seeing it for the first time. However, when it is cooked inside of a Charleston staple known as okra soup, that slime serves as a thickening agent. When anything gets thick, the true flavor comes through even stronger. It’s necessary for the delicious factor to be present. Well, ain’t that life? Yes! The truth ain’t always pretty but it sure does help you grow! Uncomfortable but necessary! Clearly, people understand this because my social media pages have become somewhat of a “Walmart” of captions and parables. I look back on my Scandal commentary when it first premiered and I wonder why I don’t have one of those jackets that make you hug yourself. (+_+) I wish I could find my writings from when hotmail was the joint and AOL cd’s were abundant. I’ve grown so much so it is probably best that those early dissertations be forever lost.

I write, chit chat, crack a few jokes betwixt important messages, and then I’ll fix you something to eat right before we go on a road trip. I live life and I invite you to live yours right along with me.

With all the jokes and one liners that come involuntarily, I am serious about making this world better. I don’t intend on my story being frivolous. I want my eulogy to be an Emmy Award winning speech that will make you wish you knew me and spent time with me doing “The Work”.

As a master certified educator and walking disruption of all things status quo, I have the audacity to build a legacy of excellence. Book me for motivating and facilitating excellence for your groups or for your own business endeavors. I would love to be a part of your legacy. Let’s bond.

Smooches N Red Rice!

Uncomfortable but necessary truth served with Lowcountry Love.